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Clinical Sleep Consultant

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Mark Forester BS CCSH

Medigy LLC, is proud to introduce Mark D. Forester, BS, CCSH as our Senior Clinical Consultant.  

Mark joined Medigy’s Clinical Team in July of 2018.  With over 30 years of Sleep Therapy experience, he has brought a wealth of clinical knowledge and expertise with him.

Mark obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree, Biology in 1986 from Oklahoma Baptist University.  He then proceeded to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and earned nine credit hours toward a Master of Science in Public Health Degree.

Mark became a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) in 1989 and received a Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) in 2020.

During his overall tenure in Sleep Therapy, Mark has held positions ranging from Polysomnographic Technologist, Sleep Lab Supervisor, Director of Technical Services and currently Senior Clinical Consultant.


Mark has two publications:

Comparison of Sleep I/T by CNS with CNS CASS SleepLab 2000 and Human Scoring of Sleep

Presented at the APSS Annual Meeting in Toronto Canada in 1992.


Periodic Leg Movements of Sleep

Chapter 17, Fundamentals of Sleep Technology 1st Edition in 2007.


As one can see, Medigy takes seriously the health of those entrusted to our care.  Mark D. Forester, BS, CCSH is an integral part of that process.  

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