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Ongoing Care

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1.) Download App
2.) Choose Supplies
3.) Hit Send

Our supply team is focused on making sure that every patient knows that their health is a priority for us. We are dedicated to providing continuous care to our patients to ensure that they always have the right equipment each and every night. 

We are here to respond to inquiries, lend advice, and present multiple supply alternatives to ensure you have successful outcomes in your Ongoing Care.

-Ongoing Care Team

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On November 1 2022 Medigy launched a new CPAP resupply platform. The new platform has improved business intelligence tools and a smart phone app to ensure timely and maximum supply fulfillment. If you have any questions please call our main office line to signup on our new platform.

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Did you know....

Prior to the 1980s the only effective treatment for sleep apnea was a tracheostomy

That the symptoms of sleep apnea increase with age and weight changes.

In the movie "Wine Country" Amy Poehler uses her real life CPAP machine 

The first mention of sleep apnea in the medical journals was as recent as 1965

Colin Sullivan invented the first CPAP machine and tested it for the first time 40 years ago.

Recommended ReSupply Schedule

Masks should be replaced every 6 months. Elasticity, plastic wear & tear and leaks start to appear at month 6.

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Headgear should be replaced every 6 months to avoid leaks from stretched out straps. A comfortable fit is essential for long term success.



Some cushions should be replaced every 2 weeks to avoid sores, air leakage and overall pressure discomfort and non-compliance.

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Tubing should be replaced every 3 months. Mineral deposits, leaks and overall buildup can affect the quality and efficacy of your sleep therapy pressure. 

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Water chambers should be replaced every 6 months. Mineral deposits can build up overtime even with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Humidifier Chamber.jpeg


Filters should be replaced every 2 weeks. Even with regular rising and washing, the foam material is  designed for maximum filtration but short life .

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